How Do I Determine the Right Fee Plan For My Company?

The goal of Dedicated General Counsel in offering this innovative approach is to become a strategic partner with your company, helping you proactively manage risks and capitalize on opportunities. For the concept to be successful, your company must feel that it can include legal counsel in its important day-to-day activities, and develop a long-term, trusting relationship in which you feel we add value.

For that reason, we offer monthly plans based upon hourly rates that are often one-half or one-third of the rates charged by partners in traditional law firms. During our initial consultation, we will gauge your company’s legal needs and help you choose an initial monthly plan. If your company needs fewer hours, we can roll the unused hours over to the next month; if your company needs more hours, we can increase the hours under your plan. If your company decides that Dedicated General Counsel is not adding value, you simply discontinue your services without any further obligation. 

Some projects, such as rewriting your Employee Handbook, conducting an internal investigation, or reviewing your contracts and developing a contract management system, may be better suited for a Fixed Project Fee. If that is the case, we will agree with you on a fixed fee for that project. In those cases, the project is not charged against your monthly plan. 

Your company may just want to engage Dedicated General Counsel a day or two per month to visit with your management team and address your list of legal issues which have been accumulated between meetings. In those instances, Dedicated General Counsel will charge a Fixed, Daily Rate. Your company can use the entire day (unlimited hours).