Strategic Advisory

You know how to run your business. By adding Dedicated General Counsel to your management team, you add decades of experience and a demonstrated ability to help companies navigate the most challenging business and legal issues, including providing strategic direction and helping facilitate growth strategies. In short, Dedicated General Counsel helps you view your strategic initiatives through a legal lens.

We can help you with:

  • Strategic Advice. Steve has spent decades advising public and private companies on their strategic initiatives; he genuinely understands business and has a demonstrated ability to help companies achieve their goals and objectives while understanding and mitigating associated risks.
  • Enterprise Risk Management. We help your company identify risks, align the risks with your strategic objectives, measure the effectiveness of your controls and conduct a gap analysis, develop risk mitigation plans, and determine your risk tolerance.
  • Organizational Effectiveness. We help organizations plan and execute business strategies, implement change management, promote a “conflict competent” organization, and facilitate high-quality, collaborative decision-making.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. We help with pre-merger due diligence and post-merger integration.
  • Management Assessments. Steve is trained and certified to administer the Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP)(Individual and 360) and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP).

Some Questions to Ask:

Q. Has your company identified the risks that could threaten the achievement of your business goals?

Q. Has your company aligned its risks with its strategic initiatives so that your company understands the connection between goals and the risks which threaten them?

Q. Has your company identified any gaps in your controls that are in place to address risks?

Q. Has your company determined how much risk it will tolerate and does it have plans to mitigate the risks it is willing to take?

Q. Does your company plan and execute your business strategies successfully?

Q. Does your company promote high-quality, collaborative decision-making by creating an environment where all of the best ideas are surfaced by robust discussion and even by allowing disagreement?

Q. Does your company conduct thorough and effective due diligence before acquiring businesses, and do you effectively integrate the acquired businesses by implementing successful integration plans and change management programs?

Dedicated General Counsel would be honored to help your company.

Learn more about Dedicated General Counsel and attorney Steve Groom. Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions and read testimonials from others with whom Steve has worked, then contact us today to let Dedicated General Counsel assist your company with strategic advice.