"Steve Groom has been a friend for many years. I knew him as a very successful lawyer in private practice, and as a general counsel for other major companies as well.

He is not only an outstanding lawyer, but he is a man of exceedingly good judgement and is a wise and valuable counselor to many successful individuals and companies.

Steve Groom practiced law with Neal & Harwell for a period of time and his abilities were obvious to us and our clients. Clients were most complimentary of him. Without fail, they appreciated his skill, talent, and dedication.

I have long believed that while companies sometimes do not need full-time general counsel, they could benefit from outstanding counsel on a part-time basis. Steve Groom is using that model and providing legal services to companies on a part-time basis. That will be valuable. He is truly the best of the best."

Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr.
Neal & Harwell
Nashville, Tennessee

"A word about Steve.

Steve is the quintessential legal and business leader. He inhabits that rare space among the few counselors who really have seen it all and done it all. There are many reasons why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to a friend or business colleague, but chief among them is the fact that no matter what challenges you’re facing, he will know exactly what to do.

In my experience working with Steve, I’ve found that he is effective in every imaginable situation. He’s as comfortable in the board room and the C-suite as he is in the employee break room or the cab of a delivery truck. His practice has taken him from small town criminal defense cases to blue chip firms to publicly traded companies and financial institutions. He’s been the trusted strategist in bet-the-company matters and business workouts and the only true friend of criminal defendants facing long-term incarceration or worse. People trust him — with good reason.

Wherever your business or organization finds itself, Steve will help you take it to the next level. He brings the legal skill, the business knowledge and the wisdom that only comes from a career spent earning trust one person at a time."

Cole Carter
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
CoreCivic, formerly Corrections Corporation of America

"I am delighted to recommend Steve Groom. I have worked with Steve for over 30 years in various capacities. Steve was general counsel for my largest client; we have been law partners, and for a time, Steve and I worked together as internal counsel for a publicly-traded bank (Steve served as general counsel during that time period).

Steve has a broad base of experience representing publicly-traded organizations, financial institutions, and businesses. He is well-versed in both the practical aspects of managing business risks, as well as litigation (including strategies for litigation avoidance). Steve has a long history of obtaining successful outcomes for his clients.

More importantly, however, Steve is a person of integrity and high character. His reputation is well-known in the Middle Tennessee community. He is an attorney whose judgement is trustworthy in all respects.

I have the highest confidence in Steve."

Julian L. Bibb, III
Franklin, TN

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