Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr.

"Steve Groom has been a friend for many years. I knew him as a very successful lawyer in private practice, and as a general counsel for other major companies as well.

He is not only an outstanding lawyer, but he is a man of exceedingly good judgement and is a wise and valuable counselor to many successful individuals and companies.

Steve Groom practiced law with Neal & Harwell for a period of time and his abilities were obvious to us and our clients. Clients were most complimentary of him. Without fail, they appreciated his skill, talent, and dedication.

I have long believed that while companies sometimes do not need full-time general counsel, they could benefit from outstanding counsel on a part-time basis. Steve Groom is using that model and providing legal services to companies on a part-time basis. That will be valuable. He is truly the best of the best."