What is “Fractional” or “Outsourced” General Counsel?

All businesses need legal guidance, but not all businesses have the need, or the resources, for an in-house legal department. For many businesses, the only alternative to an in-house legal department is to pay for the services of an outside law firm. This can be expensive, and the fees from month to month can be very unpredictable.

With “fractional” or “outsourced” counsel, offered by Dedicated General Counsel, the business pays for a predetermined and fixed “fraction” of the General Counsel’s time, and the General Counsel services traditionally provided by in-house counsel are “outsourced” to an external lawyer. With Dedicated General Counsel, your company gets a high quality level of service from a highly experienced lawyer, while the outsourced General Counsel becomes an important part of your management team. Because you are paying a fixed fee per month, without having to pay for the overhead of an outside law firm or in-house department, your company will spend a fraction of what it would pay using an outside law firm or in-house legal department. The fixed monthly rate is based upon an hourly rate that is often half of the rates typically charged by law firm partners.

Outsourcing your company’s general counsel function is a logical, innovative way for your Company to save significant dollars on legal spend, while getting a highly experienced general counsel to mitigate your risks and help your Company grow. Just as many companies outsource their payroll and internal audit functions, their staff recruiting and training, or their marketing and public relations, your company can find savings and efficiencies by outsourcing its legal needs.

Dedicated General Counsel enables you to save significant amounts of money, with fees that are fixed and predictable, all while using a highly accomplished, experienced General Counsel in Steve Groom. You pay for a fraction of Steve’s time and a fraction of the cost of engaging a traditional law firm.

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